Who we are?


On April 20th, 2004 the European Commission accepted a message (COM(2004) 196) regarding the application of information and communication strategy of the European Union. The message includes a new map road to create a second generation local information networks under the name of EUROPE DIRECT, which will replace the existing system of information points Europe and information points Junction/Crossroad in the rural regions.
After the Bulgarian adherence to the European Union it was possible to establish offices in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Network is known as Europe Direct and is orientated to a wide circle of citizens of the European Union.




The European information centre Shumen was founded at the beginning of 2008 by the host structure Agribusiness Centre/Business Incubator Shumen and under the financial support of European Commission.
The main objective is the improvement of information presentation for all fields of activities of the European Union and its institutions among various territorial areas /villages, small towns, municipal centres, districts centres/ and in this way the existing contradiction, caused by the territory treatment periphery centre, will be overcome and a significant part of the territory of Northeastern Bulgaria will be covered.



The European information centre Europe Direct Shumen offers various opportunities to receive information and learn more about the EU:
Free access to Internet based information about the European Union, a lot of electronic materials and information dossiers on various matters.
Free publications on various matters concerning the European Integration can be received in the Europe Direct office.

Main and current publications of the European Union are available at the documentation fund of the information centre. You can also use the online publications concerning the EU